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In May 2021, Brenda took over Fridays Off and began her new journey with owning an online fabric shop.

Rewind a few years, maybe decades and we are back in Orangeville, Ontario.  Brenda's mom is a fabric shop owner and has the best and biggest fabric stash of her own.  Marlene's shop is called The Sew'n Box.  Brenda watches her mom have this great fabric shop, which is also a dealer for Bernina sewing machines.  The shop continues to grow and is a big part of the community.

Fast forward, Brenda and her young family move to Orillia, Ontario in the late 1990's and a group of ladies start getting together to sew.  Brenda, at first isn't in love with the idea, growing up with all that fabric and sewing didn't persuade her to be an avid sewer like her mom.  The ladies met every week and they start by sewing quilt blocks.  Over time it grew and they learnt all the tricks and before long this story was history and Brenda was known for the beautiful quilts she made and gifted to loved one.

Fast forward again, it's 2021.  Brenda now has 5 amazing grand-kids, her sons are now dads and she has the opportunity to take a leap of faith and take over Fridays Off Fabric Shop.   It's been a wild journey of learning how to operate an online store as well as figuring out a subscription service.  Ordering fabric and keeping stock has been a challenge due to the pandemic, all in all it's been a great first year.  With new opportunities comes new challenges that we navigate and are excited to be apart of.

We are really excited for this opportunity and to see our business grow.  Along the way, Brenda asked her daughter-in-law, Chantelle, to be there and work along side her behind the scenes helping with the techy-computer-wonky-digital stuff and they have become a great team.  When you email Fridays, you will hear back from Brenda in most cases.  If you contact us on social media or via JudgeMe, you will be hearing back from Chantelle.

Regardless who responds, we are here to answer your questions, hear your concerns and we love to see the projects you make and enjoy reading all of the reviews.  Please do keep in touch and share with us, every fabric we ship, cut and choose to offer or send in our subscriptions was hand picked and we love to see the joy it brings you every month.

Happy Sewing,
B & C