I may not be a stitcher, but I know a thing or two about curating fabrics.

I'm pretty sure I've wanted to run my own business since birth.

I can remember playing “business” when I was a kid. I would take our laundry basket full of wrinkly clothes, iron them and create invoices for each item as I hung them in the closet.

If I wasn’t playing “business” you could find me in my bedroom drawing, cutting and taping collages on my school binders or surrounded by a mess of embroidery floss making friendship bracelets.
You might assume that I come from a long line of quilters and crafters, but that’s actually not the case.

My intro to sewing came much later when a new fabric shop opened in my neighbourhood. They carried fabrics that I had never seen before. Like really cool fabrics.  

After a few sewing lessons at this new shop I was hooked, but (gasp!) not with sewing. I immediately fell in love with pulling stylish fabrics for projects and preferred doing that over actually making things.

I discovered that I have an eye for colour and design and a real knack for putting fabric together. A skill, that doesn’t come easily to everyone.

Unhappy with my 8-year career in the public relations agency world, I was looking for a change. Canadian-based online fabric shops were scarce and I knew the sewing community wanted an alternative to the US shops with high shipping fees. 

So, I jumped in head first and started offering modern fabrics online and inadvertently started Canada’s first online fabric subscription club.

I was dreaming up public relations campaigns by day and playing shopkeeper by night all while pregnant with no. 2 and a toddler underfoot. It was a busy time.

Once my son was born I decided to hang up my public relations heels and trade them in for my bright yellow Olfa rotary cutter and focus on Fridays Off full-time.

I finally felt like I was in the RIGHT lane.

I was inspiring people to be creative with beautiful fabrics and establishing connections with so many people within the sewing community.

This creative space and the growth of the fabric shop helped me build confidence and encouraged me to share my personal journey with general anxiety and panic disorder. I really put myself out there.

Leaving the corporate world for Fridays Off helped me navigate my way out of my own mental health issues. I am so grateful for that every day.

I’ve had a good day when I know I’ve inspired a creative spirit and given them the tools to go after their dreams.

When I’m not cutting fabric or pouring over fabric samples you can find me longboarding on an open road, doing outdoorsy stuff with my “boys club” (my two boys and my husband) or curled up with a coffee and our black cat named Pepper.

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