hip father's day finds

So Father's Day is on Sunday and if you're scrambling to find a gift for your hipster dad or your hip hubs look no further. I have rounded up a few treats they might enjoy.

1. Wood sunglasses or should I say Shwood?

Every funky father needs a pair of WOOD framed sunglasses! Available at The Future of Frances Watson (of course they are!)

2. Freitag Bag

Exclusively available in Toronto at InAbstracto this is the perfect alternative to the lame old diaper bag. If the full size bag is over your budget they also make iPad sleeves, wallets and other vessels.

3. GelaSkins (naked devices are so last season!)

A Toronto based company that makes customized skins for your portable device. Choose from their artwork (100+ artists) or create your own with personal photos. Trust me he'll love it! The Hubs bought me one for Christmas using the image from our wedding invitation (swoon!).

4. Facial Fuel Duo

Kiehl's Facial Fuel moisturizer and face wash is a no-brainer. The moisturizer is non-oily and has SPF and the cleanser is refreshing and invigorating (two words you want to describe your man's face wash!). Available at a Kiehl's near you.

5. Brewskies

Just so you know PBR is no longer a hipster beer (wink) so let me suggest something a little more refined. Cameron's Auburn Ale is local (made in Oakville, ON) and it actually tastes great. However, if you know the right people you might be able to snag some Parkdale swill under the guise of Roncessvalles Red, Lord Dufferin and Parkdale Pale Ale, but be warned in order to become a fan you must prove you're "cool" enough - a common symptom of the try-hards.

Still nothing grabbing you?

Go get yourself some sexy lingerie and call it a day (wink wink).



parkdale is pumping

Image source

On Saturday the Hubs and I headed west of our place to Parkdale in search of  Capital Espresso, Blondie's new spin-off coffee shop. As we wandered back to our neck of the woods we noticed that the scuzzy-ness that once was Parkdale is slowly cleaning up! We discovered two relatively new clothing stores Philistine (we didn't go in) and The Future of Frances Watson (Love!).

The Future of Frances Watson is a super cool shop with primarily menswear but with sprinkles of stuff for us girls. I picked up a new scent Dead Sexy (Ol' preggers is feeling anything but, these days) by Tokyo Milk and the Hubs bought a new pair of Unbranded Brand jeans (super cool and cheap!)

Check these shops out and go for a coffee in Parkdale this weekend, you won't be disappointed. See you in the 'hood!