my winter secret


The temperature is mild but if you're a whitey like me your complexion is definitely looking a lighter shade of white.  The nice summer glow has worn off and if you're not lucky enough to be heading south you're stuck with that pasty pale skin. In years past I would buy the odd session at a local tanning bed (I know, shame on me!) but I wouldn't set foot in one now. I've also dappled with bronzers and bronzing moisturizers but they always leave my skin an unnatural shade of orange. What's a pasty white girl to do?

Fortunately I found the magic product at Jacob & Sebastien on a Sunday walk along Queen Street West. Tan Airbrush in a Can by Model Co.! All you do is give a light spray all over your face or body (I just do my face) and it works with your natural skin tone to deliver that oh so bronzed look. No more orange hands, streaks, or Jersey Shore complexion.

Here's my winter perk-me-up routine:

I give my face a light spray once a week (usually Sunday nights after I exfoliate) and it's just enough colour for me. Then, on the daily I apply Benefit's You Rebel tinted moisturizer (includes SPF) and Nars' Blush in Orgasm to keep my skin looking glowing and bright.

It might sound HM, but to me it's worth it.

Happy bronzing!