that's hot

As a teenager I was a lifeguard at Professor's Lake and all we cared about was who could get the darkest tan. I would come home from work burnt to a crisp. Now 15+ years later I wish I hadn't been so stupid. You wouldn't catch me lying in the sun without sun block.

Yesterday I headed to Kiehl's to stock up on our summer sun protection. I love their Vital Sun Protection Lotion. It's lightweight, not greasy and it doesn't smell like coconuts and banana so it's easy to use everyday. For the face I picked up Kiehl's new Super Fluid UV Defense SPF 50 - it's super light weight (we're talking watery) and it goes on with a matte finish (no oily skin).

If you do suffer from a burn this week or this summer here are a few tips (courtesy of Best Health Magazine):

  • Soak the burn with a cool compress or a green tea compress.
  • Take a cool bath with oatmeal - grind up a cup of oatmeal in your food processor and toss it in.
  • Rub burned areas with cucumber or potato.
  • Try vinegar compresses (it helps ease the pain) and if you're itching soak in a tub with two cups of vinegar.
  • Apply at light coating of aloe all over your skin before bed.

Goodbye sunburns and nasty wrinkles!