stroller haters

Now that I'm a mum I've discovered that a lot of people out there hate us stroller pushers (humph). I remember reading a Toronto Life article about how people find yuppie parents and their giant strollers annoying (whatever!), but didn't think I would ever be a recipient of the scoffs and eye rolls. If I had the balls I would bite back but I'm too nice. So here it is. I want all you stroller haters to know that we're not trying to ruin your lives we're just looking for some socialization. It's  a long day in the house with a crying baby and going to a coffee shop once a day or just taking a walk is an escape from the four walls of our homes. Here is some stroller etiquette for all you haters (follow these and it will make her day):

  1. If you see a woman visibly struggling with her stroller and the door of a store/coffee shop give the girl a hand and hold the door open.
  2. When you're walking on the sidewalk and you see a stroller pusher approaching move over just a smidge (yes I've almost been pushed onto the street).
  3. Help a mom out when she's trying to get on the streetcar with her stroller in one arm and baby in the other.

Karma people!

March 24, 2011 — Alanna Banks