drivers please be careful

Yesterday an innocent pedestrian was struck and killed by a streetcar heading west along Queen Street.  He was dragged for several blocks and the streetcar driver was so oblivious (probably reading/texting/talking) of the accident he had to be flagged down by policemen on bicycles to get him to stop. Being a commuter pedestrian myself (I walk to and from work along Queen Street West everyday) I thought this was a perfect opportunity to raise one of my personal beefs about being a pedestrian in the city. TTC drivers and drivers in general are on autopilot during the morning and afternoon commute, so much so, that I nearly get wiped out at least once a week (and I'm a very cautious walker). In fact, this morning I saw my life flash before my eyes as a massive snowplow came rumbling down Ossington Avenue to turn right onto Queen Street without even stopping at the red light. He didn't even notice that I was inches away from stepping into the intersection to cross.

This is my call to ask drivers, TTC and regular vehicles, to be a little more vigilant when driving around the city. Pay attention and maybe get off your blackberry/iPhone.

Yours truly,