diy cosmetics bag

Now that I've got all kinds of scraps left over from my quilt I have fabric for some small easy projects that I've been wanting to get started. So, last night I churned out this super cute zippered pouch (I'm using it as a makeup bag). I love how the little birds fit so nicely in the bottom right corner (that was not intentional).

To make this sweet pouch I followed the zippered pouch tutorial on one of my fave craft blogs make it perfect.

Give it a try!

i heart sewing tutorials

I'm almost finished my homework from last week's quilting class and you can see my progress in the photo above. I've got four more squares to finish before my second class this evening.

Since starting my class last week (I've got the sewing bug) I've been scanning the internet for sewing patterns and tutorials (I especially love the tutorials). I found this awesome site called Sew Mama Sew and it's overflowing with tutorials. The projects range from easy to difficult and include home decor, garments, bags, blankets and QUILTS (my fave). I've got a lot of left over fabric lying around so I'm going to give this log cabin pillow a whirl. Time to spruce up our living room couch for the Spring/Summer season.

Happy learning!