belly dancing

I've got 7 weeks until our little bundle of joy makes its debut!

Despite being super busy preparing for Christmas and wrapping up work  I have been so enamored by my growing belly and the dancing that's going on inside this week.

(Warning: *Lame Alert*)

My two favourite things to do these days are:

  1. Sit and stare at my belly watching it morph into all kinds of crazy shapes as the baby moves around
  2. Sit with the Hubs' hand on my belly and watch him get super excited every time he feels the baby move

The novelty of pregnancy is slowing wearing off, but I'm really cherishing these last few weeks of what I like to call freedom. Fortunately my office is closed all next week so I will have a lot of quality time with the dancing babe. I plan on blogging about all of the crafty things I made as gifts this Christmas, finishing my book The Glass Castle (I know I'm the last person in the world to read this) and starting my new book Room by Emma Donohughe, hanging out with the Hubs and some friends and family, and hopefully picking some names for our little babe. I can't wait!

What are you doing over the holidays?