some things never change

People come and go in your life and it can be difficult to reconnect when the opportunities present themselves, but sometimes it just works and you end up picking up right where you left off.

This weekend I had a throwback to the 90s and reconnected (thank you Facebook) with parts of my old high school gang. We grew apart, as you do, pursuing different interests after high school and in different parts of the province and country. Thirteen years later, we're all a little more settled it seems - married, careers, houses, kids (well just me with the kid) - so more time to think about the past.

I, along with everyone else was nervous about the reunion. As my stomach flip-flopped on my way to the restaurant I was wondering if we would still have anything in common, if it would be awkward and if I was going to have fun. As everyone started to arrive my nerves quickly settled because everyone was EXACTLY the same. Everyone looked the same (add 13 years), acted the same, talked the same, laughed the same. Despite all of our "new" lives we were more or less adult versions of our sixteen year old selves.

Over steak frites, duck confit, and scallops at Delux we reminisced, laughed, apologized and gave updates on our lives to-date. I had a blast and didn't want the night to end. I left feeling reconnected and headed back to my life with a bounce in my step. Will we do it again? I'm sure we will, but if we don't it was a great way to spend a Sunday night in January. So, all I'm saying here is reach out to your besties from high school. It's an awesome pick-me-up and who knows where it will take you.

I miss you guys already, but it's comforting to know that you're just a mouse click away.