remember when

Remember when we used to stay in our pajamas all day, when we used to sip our coffees and read the paper and didn't have our days planned around food and naps? Remember when we used to get excited about home projects and would spontaneously got out for dinner or drinks? Remember when we would just be?

Moments like these rarely happen with a busy toddler running round and when they do (first I pinch myself) I want to hold onto them and not let go.

Thanks to the rain, this weekend was a string of many of those moments. I was happy to be introverted and just stay close to home away from the busy-ness and influence of our crazy lives.

No one tells you you're going to feel this way when you're planning to have a family. There is so much attention placed on the pregnancy phase and then the baby's arrival followed by all of THEIR stages that somewhere along the way you just kind of get lost in the excitement and sadly so do some of your closest relationships.

No one talks about this part of having babies. It's just to-be-expected that everything is wonderful because - hey you have a baby! Well yes, it's wonderful, but there is more to life right....

So before I go any deeper I want to turn this around because whilst there are many hard times post baby it's important to remember what you had before the crying, diapers and sleepless nights and continue having those moments. I've compiled a short list of things to keep it real:

  1. Let the rushed morning kisses goodbye linger a little longer.
  2. Continue talking to each other. Take time early in the evening (before you're too exhausted) to talk about the day and ask questions.
  3. Encourage each other to do things like working out, taking a class or going out on the town with the girls/guys.
  4. Remember the things you used to do pre-baby days and do them together (date night, super cliche but so important).
  5. Continue to laugh. That is what will keep the spark alive.

The Hubs and I are 10 years strong this month, but these last few years have been the most challenging (but amazing). Having a child takes it's toll, but if you can weather the bumps I swear it brings you to a whole new level.

Here's to more rainy weekends, hibernation and remembering.

What are you secrets to keeping the relationship real post baby?