i spy with my little eye something that is...

This sweet little quilt is my latest creation and a keepsake for L'il E. At 47'' by 47" it's the perfect size for a cuddle on the couch, but it also doubles as an I Spy game. Each patch is a different picture so your little tot will love looking at every patch. Hours of entertainment (okay maybe minutes!)

It's taken me months to finish, but it really is an easy pattern to follow. So start cutting your scrap fabric into patches and get sewing! I'd love to see your creations when you're finished.

Happy quilting!


March 07, 2012 — AlannaB

quilt accomplished

My quilt is finally finished and I'm SO happy with how it turned out. Not bad for my first attempt!

I based my fabric selection off of one fat quarter and despite the mix match of patterns and colours they all fit together perfectly (at least I think so). There is something very nostalgic about one or two of the fabric choices and it makes me want to curl up with it on my lap. Next time I think I'll use a patterned fabric for the sashing, just for fun.

If you are interested in trying a nine patch quilt yourself I highly recommend the class at the workroom, if you're not into sewing/quilting but want one, drop me a line and commission one from me.

Here is a close up of my fave patch:

Stay tuned for more of my quilting adventures!



June 12, 2011 — AlannaB

i heart sewing tutorials

I'm almost finished my homework from last week's quilting class and you can see my progress in the photo above. I've got four more squares to finish before my second class this evening.

Since starting my class last week (I've got the sewing bug) I've been scanning the internet for sewing patterns and tutorials (I especially love the tutorials). I found this awesome site called Sew Mama Sew and it's overflowing with tutorials. The projects range from easy to difficult and include home decor, garments, bags, blankets and QUILTS (my fave). I've got a lot of left over fabric lying around so I'm going to give this log cabin pillow a whirl. Time to spruce up our living room couch for the Spring/Summer season.

Happy learning!

quirky quilts

I think I've discovered my newest obsession - QUILTING! Now don't roll your eyes and lump me in the old maid category, quilting is cool (ha!) and if you use contemporary fabrics you can really create some real beauts.

Last night I started my first quilting class at the workroom and I LOVED it. It's an introduction to quilting so we're making a nine-patch quilt and it should be complete in three sessions. The photo above is my assortment of fabrics that I'll be using. I wanted to use fun colours so L'il E and I can roll around on it at the park this summer.

Stay tuned for the finished product and check out the other classes offered at the workroom. They're all really great!