nadege patisserie - a sweet gift


I've been MIA (a.k.a. sick and tired for the last 2 weeks) but during this time I've been harboring all kinds of amazing gift ideas. So here I am now spitting them out for you.

Next up is my all-time fave - Nadege Patisserie. When I was pregs with L'il E I used to eat a few croissants from this place a week! It was hard to resist the aromas as I walked passed on my way to work in the mornings. Sadly, since I discovered my wheat intolerance there is not much I can eat at Nadege, however that doesn't mean YOU can't indulge!

If you've never visited this little gem on Queen West, you must give it a try. Especially if you're going to be entertaining this holiday season. Their pastries are so beautiful you feel badly eating them. They also carry a wide array of gorgeous and colourful macarons as well as chocolate and confectioneries. Oh and you must try their homemade marshmallows!

They will be launching an online boutique soon, but it's still in the works.

Go check them out. I can smell the croissants now...


date night

Last Saturday the Hubs and I went out for dinner and to the Leafs game (Toronto 4, Detroit 3). What once was just another night out, is now "date night". Anyway, we had dinner at The County General and it WAY exceeded my expectations. The menu is very casual and it's the perfect spot to go if you're heading somewhere afterwards or if you're just looking for a quick and dirty, but good meal. Oh and the cocktails are awesome (I indulged in a couple).

So first, the drinks! I honestly could have just sat and drank there all night, but we had a game to catch and thank God for that (I would have regretted it with L'il E's 6:30 am wake up call). They are stacked with a selection of aged rums and small batch bourbons and the bartender knows how to mix a good sipper. They also have microbrews and local Ontario wines, but I would stick with the hard stuff if you're going to check this place out. I had the Sunday Picnic (El Dorado 5 yr, Averna Cinnamon, Vanilla and Jones Root Beer) and the Private's Order (Havana 7 yr, Basil, Pomegranate, Lemon and Angostura over ice). What can I say I'm a sucker for some good rum.

For dinner I had The General's Reuben. I broke my gluten-free rules and paid for it the next day, but man it was a good sammy! The Hubs tried their Fried Chicken Thigh Sandwich and it looked deelish, but he wasn't sharing. After all of that we were still hungry so we ordered a Big Salad and capped it off with a couple of espressos.Yum!

I will definitely be going back, not just for the food and drinks but for the good vibe. It totally reminded me of a cozy bar at a ski hill. But just so you know they don't take reservations so get there early!

Bon apetit!


the condos are coming...

As you know the Hubs, L'il E and I live in Queen West in Toronto and over the last five years it has exploded (it's become a desirable place to live). It's exciting to see the busy sidewalks on sunny Saturdays and new restaurants, coffee shops and stores open up, but when developers start crashing in on our party, that's when I get my back up.

When they broke ground for the new condos at the foot of Northcote Ave my heart broke a little, but now that they're almost complete I'm not as upset (they're sorta fitting in). Just last week however, we received a letter about a new 86 unit high rise condo planned for development on Gladstone (kitty corner to the Chopper). Not into it! For an eloquent reason why we should stop this development check out

So why am I bringing this up? BECAUSE 1) we don't need/want this 86 unit high rise in our neighbourhood and 2) I want you to sign this petition to help us STOP the development.

Can you do that for me please? Thanks!

dark horse moves west

Dark Horse Espresso Bar has opened a new location further west (684 Queen Street West to be exact).  It's a welcome addition to this neck of the woods considering we were in need of a decent independant coffe shop (sorry Quaff and Niche, but your lattes just don't cut it).

I stopped in this morning to check it out and the decor is in line with their two other shops (so cozy) and the lattes are just the same (yum!). Unfortunately I didn't have any cash and their debit machine is not up and running yet, so they gave me a latte on the house. Don't you love that?! It totally made my day so thank you barrista girl.

Drop in if you're in the neighborhood!