wouldn't it be nice

The Hubs, L'il E and I just got back from a long weekend away at Nana and Poppi's in Halifax, NS. It was so nice having Daddy with us for three whole days! Wouldn't it be nice if we could have three-day weekends every weekend (in our dreams)?

Well, Michael Posner asked this question in last weekend's Globe and Mail and I was so delighted to see that it's not just me who longs for three-day weekends (obviously!). Posner asks - In an age of high-tech efficiency and higher productivity, why isn't the working world organized to provide us with more leisure time? Well, that's a good question! We're constantly plugged in to our work via blackberries, iPhones and VPN set ups with our home computers so why the five day work week? We all know that Fridays in the office are a joke anyway - very little work gets accomplished while people put there time in surfing the web as they count the minutes to 5:00 pm.

Don't you think we would be more productive if every weekend were a long weekend? More time to spend with our kids, more time to look after ourselves, and more time to get stuff done (am I right?)!

So, let's start a campaign...if Betty White can host SNL because of a Facebook group then we can get Fridays off indefinitely!

Who's with me?

things i wish i hadn't worried about

I can be a huge worrier and I did my share of it while I was preggers. If you're pregnant and a worrier (like me!) here a list of things you can stop worrying about. I did them all and gave birth to a perfectly healthy 8 lb baby boy with all of his parts etc.

1. Caffeine - if you love your daily cup of joe don't deprive yourself, (withdrawal headaches are no fun!) have one cup a day and your little babe will be fine. I drank a cup of tea every morning and sometimes had a chai latte from Starbucks in the afternoon.

2. Tylenol - TAKE IT! Don't suffer with a headache for days, you're better off nipping it right away with two regular strength Tylenol. I was so nervous about taking Tylenol that I would go days with excruciating headaches (bad idea!). I finally caved and started taking Tylenol when I felt a headache coming on, so you can too. Even one extra strength is fine.

3. Alcohol - Nine months is a long time to go sans alcohol, especially if you're like me and really love drinking. Throughout my pregnancy I had the occasional (once a week) small glass of red wine or the Hubs and I would share a beer. I don't recommend hard alcohol but honestly one tiny drink a week with food is totally okay. Think about our parents and our grandparents they all tossed the drinks back and smoked while they were pregnant; yes they're slightly smaller than us, but they turned out ok.

4. Excersing - This one I didn't really worry about, but I think some people do. In the first 12 weeks you'll likely be so tired and nauseous that working out won't even be a thought, but once that second trimester goodness comes around get off your ass and get moving. I walked to and from work (30 mins each way) every day until I gave birth to l'il E and I did prenatal yoga twice a week (I even did it on the day I gave birth). As a result I didn't gain excess weight throughout my pregnancy and my recovery from my c section has been speedier because I was so strong going into labour. So keep fit while you're pregnant and don't let the laziness settle, the longer you wait to get moving the harder it will be.

So those are my two cents. Take it or leave it, but I hope it was helpful.

2010: veni, vidi, vici

The year 2010 started off with a BANG, the Hubs and I were going to be first-time parents (say what?)! I was pregnant and due September 1, 2010 (which also happens to be our wedding anniversary and the Hubs' birthday)!

January was spent with eager anticipation and excitement until it all came to a screeching halt when I miscarried on February 8th (FML). Fortunately we had told immediate family and a select group of  friends so we had an amazing network of people to reach out to and so much unbelievable support (thank you to all of you!). February was grim, but we forged ahead cheering on our Canadian athletes on home turf at the 2010 Olympic Games and doing things like drinking and snowboarding (stuff I had given up while I had been pregnant).

In March I learned that three of my very good friends were all expecting their own babes, despite my loss I was elated by their news and knew that I would be right there with them soon enough (smiley face). I topped the month off with my 30th birthday and celebrated Holly Golightly-style.

By April things were looking up and the Hubs and I were back on track (happy times), but the work-front for both of us was looking a little volatile. The Hubs left his longtime gig for a new position and my office was going through a lot of turmoil, but fortunately I managed to weather the storm (phew!). Luckily we both held onto our jobs because surprisingly I was pregnant again (this time for realz!) with a due date of February 11, 2011 (that's six weeks from now if you're wondering).

The rest of May, June and July were spent on pins and needles as we waited for the first trimester to end, but I had a feeling everything would be okay (double eyebrow). We spent weekends away and sweat our asses off in the hottest summer Toronto has ever had. I started this blog (blog.fridaysoff.ca) and poured all of my energy into blogging and sewing projects to keep myself occupied. Blogging really kept me focused (and away from all of the negative pregnancy websites) and I realized that people liked what I was writing about (you are all so engaged - I LOVE IT!).

By August we came out of the closet with our news and finally started to get excited about our impending bundle of joy. Planning for our new little family was in full swing by September and we took a relaxing (but very busy) vacay in NYC to celebrate.

My belly expanded throughout October and November and I was introduced to two adorable little babies (Emerson and Benjamin) with a third one (Helena) at the beginning of December. Our little babe isn't even born yet and it's got some great little friends awaiting its arrival.

So that's my year in review folks (I know, a lot of baby talk), I thought I would share just in case you're going through the same thing (or were interested in my life). A lot can happen in one year, but it can all turn around just like that (snap!).

Happy New Year everyone and thanks for loyally tuning in. I look forward to continuing to share the love in 2011!

Cheers and be safe tonight I'll be keeping it low-key with my lime cordial and soda (wink)!


belly dancing

I've got 7 weeks until our little bundle of joy makes its debut!

Despite being super busy preparing for Christmas and wrapping up work  I have been so enamored by my growing belly and the dancing that's going on inside this week.

(Warning: *Lame Alert*)

My two favourite things to do these days are:

  1. Sit and stare at my belly watching it morph into all kinds of crazy shapes as the baby moves around
  2. Sit with the Hubs' hand on my belly and watch him get super excited every time he feels the baby move

The novelty of pregnancy is slowing wearing off, but I'm really cherishing these last few weeks of what I like to call freedom. Fortunately my office is closed all next week so I will have a lot of quality time with the dancing babe. I plan on blogging about all of the crafty things I made as gifts this Christmas, finishing my book The Glass Castle (I know I'm the last person in the world to read this) and starting my new book Room by Emma Donohughe, hanging out with the Hubs and some friends and family, and hopefully picking some names for our little babe. I can't wait!

What are you doing over the holidays?

dwelling on the negative only adds to its power

OK so I have a bone to pick !

Ever since I got pregnant I have been hyper sensitive to all you negative nellies. Most of the pregnancy books I read are negative and even the blogs on pregnancy are starting to grate on my nerves. This blog post (10 things they didn't tell you before getting pregnant) I read yesterday put me over the edge so I'm going to set it straight for all you future preggers out there.

This is the list (see below) from aforementioned blog. It has been modified for my own sanity and MY comments are in brackets.

  1. When you sneeze you will pee your pants – well… at least once a day. Get used to carrying around a second pair of pants, underwear, and buy stock in pantie liners. (Not true! I am 8 months pregnant and have yet to pee myself, maybe if you've had 3 or 4 kids but come on that's what kegel exercises are for!)
  2. Get used to carrying around a plastic bag of some type. For what you ask?  Barf. (I haven't even thought to pack a plastic bag, I've felt nauseous, like really nauseous, but the bag thing isn't necessary. Instead I suggest you carry a supply of ginger chews and water.)
  3. Invest in tissues – You will be doing a lot of crying. Even at simple things like car insurance commercials, and it sneaks up on you!  (I have yet to cry for a lame reason, I think I've cried a few times during this pregnancy but they were either due to an argument or because I was feeling unwell.)
  4. You won’t poop normally till you give birth – I am not kidding. I think the worst part of pregnancy altogether is the horrible constipation. (I've never been more regular (I know TMI) so eat your fibre future preggers and you'll be fine.)
  5. Prenatal vitamins are the devil – these giant size horse pills just may send you over the gagging edge. (Ya they're big but so what?! Crush them up or just deal with it, they're providing you with the vitamins and minerals that you're growing baby needs. I take PregVit and haven't had an issue with them at all.)
  6. You will feel like a pin cushion by the end – No joke!   I got my blood drawn no less than 10 times. I didn’t think I was going to actually have any blood left by the end of it. (Oh please! It's not that big of a deal.)
  7. The Heartburn will fry your esophagus. (I've had my share of heartburn, ya it sucks but just take a few Tums or Rolaids and go to bed if it's night time and if you're suffering during the day sip on some ginger ale.)
  8. Just when you think that baby is going to come… you wait some more!  Due dates are inaccurate. (Thanks captain obvious! So why dwell on it? The average woman delivers between 7 and 10 days after her due date.)
  9. Sleep issues galore!  – The only thing you are going to want to do in the first, and third trimesters is sleep. Unfortunately for you most of the time in the first trimester you won’t actually sleep like your body is telling you to, and in the third trimester you won’t be able to get comfortable enough to get a really good nights sleep. (My advice: sleep as much as possible in the first trimester, that's the only way you'll feel better and re: the third trimester I've been sleeping like a baby and I'm a stomach sleeper, you adapt.)
  10. The appointments – You will have so many, you will need a personal assistant to keep them all straight. (Oh boo hoo. I love going to the appointments! Hearing that heartbeat and having 5-10 minutes of attention is awesome!)

So there! I'm sorry this post was lengthy but honestly being pregnant is not that bad.  It's the most amazing time of your life and ya it comes with some unpleasantness but come on, you have a living person inside of you, that you created!

Amen sistah!

freaking out (just a little)

Twelve more weeks and then poof I'm a mom (I can't believe it!) The hubs and I have been attending birth preparation classes through my yoga studio and they have been great, but have definitely made this pregnancy thing a lot more real. Despite feeling like I've been pregnant forever, I could handle these last three months slowing down a little (or a lot!).

This week I found some comfort in this video so I thought I would share (and I'm feeling sentimental).

Any other preggies out there?


November 13, 2010 — Alanna Banks