i'm two

On April 4th we turned two! Happy blog-iversary to me!

This l'il 'ol corner of the internet has come a long way and I have all you precious readers to thank for that. If you weren't reading I'm not sure I would be motivated to write as often as I do.

On my first blog-iversary I promised this wouldn't become a mommy blog and I hope you think I've kept my promise. While I have peppered fridaysoff with plenty of tips and anecdotes about being a mom to L'il E I've also continued to share my creations, recipes, DIY tips and favourite products.

This year I introduced you to DIY deodorant, supported Pink Shirt Day, started quilting, set up a gmail for L'il E, shared my hip Father's Day finds, went on sabbatical, discovered I had a wheat intolerance, figured out how to make the perfect cuppa, bought myself the best necklace, interviewed one of my fave cookbook authors, started blogging for TheKit, knit up this awesome baby blanket, discovered this recipe, fell in love with Laura Marling, sold my creations at my very first craft fair, reconnected with old high school friends, was introduced to yogaglo.com, celebrated L'il E's first birthday AND admitted to all of my imperfections!

That's a lot of stuff and that's not even half of it! I hope you learned something too!

Keep on checking in and I look forward to continuing our online relationship (wink!).



pink makes the girls wink

A couple of weeks ago a childhood friend and I were reminiscing about our days in high school and the meat heads that used to hang out at the "trophy cases"-  these guys were your stereotypical bullies (where are they now?). Fortunately I was never the butt of their jokes, but I did witness a lot of other kids getting bullied. Fast forward a couple of decades and I have a feeling bullying is a lot worse. I can't even imagine what it must be like being in high school with the addition of social networking sites like Facebook (wasn't being bullied at school enough?).

The reason I'm bringing this up is because today is the 3rd annual Pink Shirt Day (a national campaign designed to raise awareness about bullying) and it's the launch date of Speak Out: The Documentary (a local film created to get kids talking about bullying).

So get out there and wear your pink shirts today people and remember all of those kids who were bullied. Since L'il E and I are on vacay in Florida I'll be sporting my PINK golf shirt on the links. Hopefully there won't be any bullying on the course.