my commandments

A couple of months ago I read The Happiness Project by Gretchen Rubin - a memoir of the year she spent testing out how to be happier. I read it just for fun, not because I wasn't happy. In fact,  at the time, I was sleep-deprived and preoccupied with L'il E. Fast forward six months and the stuff I read is finally surfacing and I like what I'm remembering.

One of her first "assignments" is to create a list of personal commandments - easier said than done.  These commandments are your personal set of "rules" to live by and they can help you guide your decisions, interactions and your life in general.

So, since it's the New Year I thought I would give y'all something to think about. Now I don't want you to think I've gone all self-help evangelistic on you or anything, but I've come up with seven of my own. Here they are...

My Personal Commandments

  1. Express my feelings.
  2. Stop feeling guilty.
  3. Be confident.
  4. Don't be an emotional gatekeeper.
  5. Live my own life.
  6. Do it now.
  7. Set boundaries.

Try it yourself. It's super!

What are your personal commandments?






January 26, 2012 — AlannaB