quality over quantity

When you become a new mum one of the top things you are on top of is your babe's diaper. Was there a big pee? What colour is his poo? These are questions I ask myself and the Hubs on the daily. It's fascinating.

Recently we've been having diaper issues, actually explosive diaper issues. L'il E was going through several wardrobe changes a day because his diaper kept exploding up his back. Fortunately I solved the problem! It's all about finding the right diaper for your baby.

If you're having the same issue and you're using disposables too (don't hate me) I recommend you try Pampers Sensitive Swaddlers over Pampers Baby Dry. They're a little more expensive but the Swaddlers absorb more and they cover more area (really important if you want to contain the poo and avoid 4:00 am wardrobe changes and laundry sessions).

It's quality over quantity folks!