if the shoe fits...

When it comes to shoes I have a weakness and most of the time no price-point is too high. I'd rather have a kick-ass pair of shoes than a new outfit and apparently I'm not alone. The Globe reported this morning that despite the crappy economy footwear sales are up and women are updating their looks with new shoes rather than new duds.

Last week I had a minor shopping accident at C Squared, but after reading that, I'm not feeling so guilty. I'm on trend!

The accident? A pair of grey clog sandals (aren't they cute?) I spotted in the window en route home from work. The next day I couldn't stop thinking about them, so I popped out at lunch to just try them on (mistake number one). They looked amazing, were SO comfortable and of course the sales clerk had to tell me they were his last pair in my size (mad skillz).  I left within 10 minutes with my new favourite shoes and just a little bit of buyers remorse.

To make it all okay I bought a pair of Superman Havaianas for L'il E.

Happy shoe shopping!