it's movember time

Movember kicked off yesterday, so to pay tribute to all of those scuzzy flavour savours that will be growing for the next 29 days I've compiled my least favourite celebrity moustaches for your viewing pleasure.

John Waters.

Talk about HM!

Stevie Wonder

This one has always leaned too far onto the pubic hair side for me...

Dr. Phil

Would he still be so smart sans moustache?

Ron Jeremy

One word: Blech!

Hulk Hogan

Holla! This one is my all time fave. If you're going to go Movember styles this is the stache to grow.

Happy Movember! Raise some moolah y'all.


flavour saver

What a hunk!

I'm loving the enthusiasm for Movember this year! Men are sporting mustaches all across the city in support of prostate cancer and it looks hilarious. What's even funnier is seeing all of the women shamefully walking beside their guys praying no one notices the stache (I've been there!).

Most of the guys at my office are rocking some lip foliage (quite impressive) so if you don't have a Movember guy in your life you can donate moolah to the Moprofile team.

Keep on growing!


November 16, 2010 — Alanna Banks