smokey eyes

Friday night the Hubs and I hit the town while L'il E was being entertained by a trifecta of grandparents. Our destination was a romantic evening wedding at the Berkeley Church. To get glam for the fancy affair my friend and make-up artist Erin gave me beautiful smokey eyes and nude lips to go with my classic black dress. I love being made up and she did a fabulous job. I felt stunning and the Hubs and I had a super fun night complete with a trip to Poutini's to finish it off. Yum!

If you're looking for a make up artist Erin is your girl. You can contact her at eringuenter [at] yahoo [dot] ca and tell her I sent you. She does it all! The vanity shots prove it!




my secret weapon

The summer tan is gone (sigh!) and the dark circles have reappeared (double sigh!) time for some heavy duty camouflaging (am I right?)

I've been using Benefit Erase Paste to conceal blemishes, red spots and under eyes circles for years and I must say that it's my little secret weapon (I love you Erase Paste). It covers everything and turns the dullest complexion into a glowing, luminous one (yea!). If you're going to invest in a new concealer this season I highly suggest this one. It costs about $30 (which is a bit steep) but honestly it last for months and months.

I have a fair complexion so I go with the "light" version and rather than using the plastic applicator it comes with I use a concealer brush (makes for a more even application and I find you use less). I dab it all around my eye area and in the creases on both sides of my nose and I don't need to apply any foundation over top, but you could if you wanted to.

Start turning heads ladies!

October 23, 2010 — Alanna Banks

smokey eyes

When it comes to cosmetics I have no loyalty so when I'm introduced to a new one I will follow.

My new love is for NYX Cosmetics (thanks Mrs. Boorman!) they make professional cosmetics but at a reasonable price (ok go on!). So far I've tried the Doll Eye Long Lash Mascara, the Jumbo Eye Pencil (black bean) and the White/Grey/Black Eye Shadow Trio.

Eyeliner and I go way back (we've be in love since I was 11) so naturally the Jumbo Eye Pencil is my new best friend, it's easy to apply (it's a crayon!) and soft enough that you can smudge it a bit. The mascara really lengthens the lashes, but because I like volumeĀ  I need to apply a lot. If you're into the smokey eye effect the Eye Shadow Trio is where it's at, you've got all the colours to make the look really fierce (grrr!).

I'm still experimenting, but I think I'll be investing in more of their products. That is until the next brand comes along...

April 28, 2010 — Alanna Banks

holly golightly

I turned 30 a couple of weeks ago so we hosted a party at our place last night. The theme was Breakfast at Tiffany's. It was a very civilized gathering and everyone dressed to impress including yours truly. The look was easy!

For the hair I consulted Strawberry Koi Vintage and my makeup help came courtesy of Ask Me Makeup. I accessorized with a rhinestone hair clip, a pearl necklace and of course the signature sunglasses all from Claire's Boutique and I splurged on a classy black dress from Club Monaco.

Needless to say the look was gorge!

April 11, 2010 — Alanna Banks