family ties

Honey, I'm home!

Now, before I get into the details of our family getaway I've just got to get something off my chest. When we arrived home yesterday afternoon after a full day of travel I was appalled to see that someone had stolen L'il E's almost new Radio Flyer wagon off our front porch! Maybe I'm too trusting, but come on. I hope that Karma bites this no-good, low-life, thief in the ass. Anyway I digress...


I've had a full day of reflection and my two takeaways from this week-long reprieve are cousins and in-laws. The Hubs, L'il E and I just spent a week in beautiful Lunenburg, NS at the Hubs' parents cottage, where we were accompanied by our nieces and nephew (ages 2, 3, 3 and 5), the Hubs' two sisters and one husband, the other was noticeably absent (ahem, we'll forgive you this time). With five kids under the age of five we didn't get much down-time, but I have returned feeling very refreshed and with a new sense of closeness to my inherited family.

As we frolicked at the beach, blew bubbles on the deck, and ate as a full family every night (God bless my east-coast mama for her sergeant major ways) I watched as memories were formed in the making. Despite countless trips to "2P", as the cottage in Lunenburg is affectionately named, this sense of family only just now has resonated with me. The thing that struck me the most was the inherent way cousins relate to each other. They all rarely see one another, but for the five days we were together there we no fights and no tears, just pure child-like fun. I can remember that same fun playing with my cousins as a kid and it's the most awesome feeling to witness it again through the eyes of L'il E.

Being an only "lonely" child I love that I have gained two sisters, two brothers-in-law, and nieces and nephews, plus two pretty great parents in-law. From the beginning I've always felt like the fourth child in their family of three, partly because I'm the youngest, but mostly because the fit is just right.

Yay for families and I can't wait to see it continue to grow and be nurtured.



honey, i'm home

It's been over two weeks of pure non-digital bliss but, alas I'm back in business and rarin' to go. I missed you guys!

So just to bring y'all up to speed here's what I've been up to. The top 5 things I did on my digital sabbatical:

1. Pre-vacay pedi at The 10 Spot in my fave colour Cajun Shrimp.

2. Hanging around town with my two fave guys - The Hubs and L'il E!

We played tourist in Toronto and went to the Abstract Expressionists New York exhibit at the AGO, Dream in High Park, Drive-In Movie at Polson Pier and out for dinner to Parkette and Enoteca Sociale. Those activities were peppered with lots of coffee walks to Capital Espresso, Ella's Uncle, The Slow Room (best iced latte or americano) and Crafted (yep we LOVE coffee!)

3. Jetting off to Nova Scotia for our annual summer family visit. L'il E was introduced to his Aunts, Uncles and cousins at Nana and Poppy's in Lunenburg, NS. The week was filled with delicious food, lots of laughs, coffees on the deck and sunset walks on the beach. L'il E also had his very first "ducking" in the Atlantic.

4. Chilling in Tatamagouche, NS with my sister and brother-in-law and my nephew and niece. We sipped lots of tea, played a lot of games and had a beautiful day at the beach soaking in the warm water of the Northumberland Strait overlooking Prince Edward Island.

5. Finally bought the Nixon watch I've been eyeing and finished knitting the most cozy blanket.

I could go on but I will digress. Hopefully you're enjoying this summer as much as me.

Happy to be back and blogging!