cucumber kowito

Summer is NOT over yet, so get your cocktail glasses and pitchers out and grab a seat on your back patio!

This recipe (thanks Sara!) came in during the Summer Sipper contest and while it didn't beat out the Pineapple Sage drink it is still worth a post and sounds deelish (cucumber is just for garnish)!

Here's what you need (makes a pitcher):

  • 500 ml Soda Water
  • Fresh mint leaves
  • 2 Kiwis
  • 1 can frozen limemade (Minute Maid or whatever)
  • 2 lemons
  • Sugar Cane (optional)
  • 400 ml white rum
  • Ice

How to get happy:

Step One: Muddle kiwi and mint and squeeze those lemons into the pitcher (avoid letting lemon pits drop in). Step two: Add the remaining ingredients to the pitcher with the ice. Step three: Stir. If using the sugar cane you can use as a big stir stick for the pitcher.

Enjoy you little hooligans.

August 27, 2010 — Alanna Banks

pineapple sage caipirinha

Image source:

I've been out in freezing cold Calgary this week and I need a tropical drink to warm me up. Fortunately Simon (winner from this week's contest) wrote in with a recipe for the Pineapple Sage Caipirinha (say what?) a more advanced drink than usual, but I dare you to try it!

Here's what you need:

  • 2 oz. Cachaca¬† (you can find it at the LCBO it's made from unrefined sugar cane and is comparable to rum)
  • 2 oz. pineapple juice
  • lime
  • fresh sage leaves (6-10)
  • 1/2 oz.¬† simple syrup or¬†you can¬†just use sugar
  • shaker

Simon says:

Muddle lime, sage leaves and sugar, add pineapple juice, Cachca and ice, shake and serve over ice in a rock glass. A bit of 7Up or soda water for bubbles is a nice touch too.

Enjoy your beach-y drink this weekend. Can't wait to get back to Toronto's hot and humid weather.

Bottoms up!

August 13, 2010 — Alanna Banks

she sells sea shells by the seashore

This week was a short one but come on! I've dug deep into my early drinking days for this nostalgic sipper. The Seabreeze was my first taste of cocktails and sadly I've forgotten about them until now. Time to resurrect this sweet and sour nip.

You need:

  • Vodka
  • Grapefruit juice (I use Ruby Red Grapefruit Juice)
  • Cranberry juice
  • Lime
  • Ice

Grab a high ball glass, fill with ice, add one or two shots of vodka (or three depending on what kind of week you had), fill glass 2/3 with cranberry, top off with grapefruit juice, and add a lime wedge. Deelish. Perfect combo of sweet and sour (pucker up!)

Happy weekend everyone!

August 06, 2010 — Alanna Banks

vodka lemon, lime and bitters

It's hot, humid and Friday so that means a refreshing beverage to cap off the week. Thanks to my buddy Boorman here's an Aussie tipple that will become your new go-to. It's the Vodka lemon, lime and Bitters and I promise you'll be thanking me later.

You'll need:

  • Vodka
  • Lime cordial (I always use Rose's Lime Cordial)
  • Angostura Aromatic Bitters (can be found at any grocery store, even the Chopper)
  • Sprite or 7Up
  • Soda water
  • Ice

Fill tall glass with ice, add 1 or 2 oz. of vodka, several shakes of Bitters, lime cordial, little bit of Sprite/7Up (depends how sweet you like it) and then fill the rest of the glass with soda water. Ah! Refreshing!

Enjoy the weekend! I'll be sipping these while I lounge around the pool.


July 23, 2010 — Alanna Banks

almond joy

Image source: DesignSponge

Ok folks hold on to your hats this is probably one of the best drinks yet on fridaysoff and it's sans alcohol (what? on a Friday?)!

Courtesy of the fine people at DesignSponge I've got the recipe to (drum roll!) the Almond Joy milkshake (this one is for you Dad!)

So Almond Joys are only available in the US (they're my fave) and they are basically a Bounty chocolate bar with almonds (heaven). Anyhoo who wouldn't want that liquified and served up icy cold on a hot day like today?!

So here it is for your sipping pleasure and if you must I recommend adding a splash of Malibu Rum to spice up the end of your week.

You'll need:

.    1 cup milk
.    1/2 cup coconut cream (not coconut milk coconut CREAM)
.    1/2 cup coconut flakes
.    2 cups creamy chocolate ice cream
.    1/2 cup crushed almonds

In a food processor put 1/2 cup almonds till finely chopped and set aside (half of this is garnish).

In a blender, pour milk, coconut cream, 1/4 cup of the ground almonds, coconut flakes,  ice cream.

Mix for 5 minutes.

Pour in large glasses and top with a spoonful or two of crushed almonds.

OMG amazing!

July 16, 2010 — Alanna Banks

apple jack

TGIF!! That means a drink recipe from yours truly!

This one is for those with a sweet tooth. So check it out:

Apple Jack drink:

  • Fill glass with ice
  • 1.5 oz Jack Daniels (sweet love!)
  • 1 oz Sour Apple Schnapps (optional)
  • Top off with apple juice

Is your mouth watering?

July 09, 2010 — Alanna Banks

beergarita anyone?

It's Friday and you know what that means, copious amounts of cocktails (oh ya!).

This week I'm featuring the Beergarita (thanks Erin!). This is the less sweet version of your typical margarita (= no headache).

So here we go, you'll need:

  • Ice
  • 1 oz Tequila
  • 1 oz lime juice
  • 1 bottle Corona (or any other light beer)

Whiz up the lime juice, tequila and ice in the blender, pour into a pint glass (rimmed with salt of course) and top of with a bottle of Corona. Stir. It's that easy!

The hubs and I are off to Orillia to visit my Dad and Debbie this weekend so I will be enjoying one of these dockside, however it's supposed to rain (surprise!) all weekend so I may be enjoying them on the couch.

June 25, 2010 — Alanna Banks

it was a dark and stormy night...

This weekend is long overdue and I'm happy to see this week come to an end. So to celebrate, I'm taking off for a weekend at the cottage and tucking in to some Dark 'n Stormys (thanks for the suggestion Kiva!)

Make a Dark and Stormy for yourself this weekend, here's my recipe:

  • Fill rock glass with ice
  • 2 oz Dark Rum (gotta be Goslings)
  • Top off with Ginger Beer (any kind will do!)

Yum! AND Cheers!

June 18, 2010 — Alanna Banks

the godfather

Image source: Mort

Hey y'all another week bites the dust and this one deserves a sipper.

My pal Mort hooked me up with this recipe for a Godfather (ooh sounds so ominous) and he also took this sweet pic (doesn't it just make you want one NOW?).

Try it out tonight...oh and make sure you have a cigar or chocolate on the side :)

Godfather recipe:

  • Fill rock glass with desired amount of ice
  • Pour 1 : 1/3 Scotch : Amaretto

Happy sipping!

June 11, 2010 — Alanna Banks

back to school

I went back to school this week (no not forever) and I need a Pinot Grigio stat!

For the last three days I've been hanging out at the Schulic Executive Education Centre taking a course called Advertising, Media & Web-based Communications Planning (I even get a special certificate!). It's been interesting and I've learned a few new things, but I'm so glad I'm out in the working world (academia is not my thing).

I recommend you finish off your week, whether it was a stressful one at work or a boring one at school, with a delicious white wine spritzer!

  • Fill wine glass with ice
  • Pour Pinot Griogio (or any white wine) over ice until glass is half full
  • Top off with Perrier or soda water


June 04, 2010 — Alanna Banks