h is for halifax

The hubs and I are off to beautiful Nova Scotia for some fun in the sun and good quality family time.

Really looking forward to the trip and especially some lobster (yum!) with lots of butter.

If you've never been to Halifax and surrounding regionsĀ  here is what we recommend:


  1. Shopping on Spring Garden Road
  2. Lunch in the Hydrostone Market (great yarn stores as well)
  3. Run in Point Pleasant Park
  4. Beer on the patio at the Lower Deck
  5. Walk along the waterfront

Surrounding areas:

  1. Whale watching in Digby (amazing whales and the best scallops you've ever tasted)
  2. Lunenberg (cute shops, yummy ice cream, golf, lobster fishing, tour of the Bluenose and beaches)
  3. Catch the surf at Hirtles Beach
June 28, 2010 — Alanna Banks