gluten free banana chocolate chip muffins

I'm well into my new gluten free lifestyle and I've never felt better. I'm still in the discovery stage, but I think I just have a wheat intolerance instead of a full blown gluten intolerance (thank God!). Nevertheless it has required a lot of research and changes in my eating habits, but honestly it's so easy. I don't feel deprived of my favourite foods at all and I never have the desire to eat stuff made with wheat, which is basically all pasta, bread, cereal, baked get my drift?

Fortunately there are ways to indulge in the odd cookie, piece of bread or muffin without doubling over with stomach pains. In fact Bob's Red Mill produces a gluten free all purpose flour and the Bulk Barn has several pre-mixed gluten free flours and recipes for all kinds of gluten free goodies. Tonight I made gluten free banana chocolate chip muffins and they're too good to be true. Fluffy, moist, chocolatey, banana goodness.

Mmmm. I need a tea to go with that muffin please.