that's a wrap

Since we're already three days in to 2012 I guess I'm due for a 2011 roundup of sorts.

I'll start off by saying that 2011 was the best. Here's why.

I gave birth to our L'il E who is the best thing (besides The Hubs) in my life. Every day I have to pinch myself and I still can't believe he is mine forever. The pain and interrupted sleep is totally worth it.

I spent the year on maternity leave caring for our little babe, but also doing a million and one things that I used to dream about at my desk all day. These things included  blogging more, getting a gig blogging for TheKit, baking and cooking my heart out, sewing my first quilt, selling my own creations at a craft gift fair and just having fun and hanging out.

Health-wise I felt better than ever thanks to my wheat sensitivity discovery. Despite the fatigue of having a new baby, going wheat-free gave me more energy and my body back. I'm leaner than ever and less gurgly (if you know what I mean). This discovery lead me to a whole new world of cooking gluten-free and a lot of delicious recipes and healthy foods.

I made a lot of really great friends and for them I am grateful. The year just would not have been the same without them.

And finally The Hubs and I entered a whole new dimension of our relationship. Any parent knows that introducing a kid into your table for two is just a little disruptive. Fortunately we made it through our almost first year of being parents and for the better.

That's it! 2012 I'm ready for you.




January 03, 2012 — AlannaB