big brother


It's time to start adding to our library of baby books because L'il E is going to be a big brother this July!

I've been dying to spill the beans because the Hubs and I are very excited (stressed out) about all the cute baby giggles (sleepless nights), sweet baby cheeks (explosive diapers) and long baby snuggles (spit up stains) that are coming our way in 5 and a half months. What I'm looking forward to the most though, is sharing this journey with our L'il E and watching as he becomes an amazing big brother (he's such a good boy).

I am an only child so this is huge for me. It's going to be such an experience navigating the world of siblings and rivalry. I also secretly hope it's a girl because my dream always was to have a big brother.

Anyhow if you have any tips to share I'm all ears. They will be two and a half years apart, so I'm sure we're in for a wild ride.

Oh and I'll save my first trimester woes for another blog post. They're right when they say every pregnancy is different (barf!).



the very hungry caterpillar (that also means me!)

I figure it's time I finally spill the beans...the hubs and I are expecting our very own pair of little baby feet in just 4 short months! I've been dying to share the news but I wanted to give it some time and - trust - you didn't need to hear my first trimester complaints.

I assure you this won't become a mummy blog but in the spirit of my news I thought I would share this great list with y'all. Building Baby's First Library: 25 Must Have Books

When I was a kid my favourite thing was being read to and going to the library (yes a little nerdy, but I'm a great speller now). It seemed like every weekend we would go to the library for a new weeks worth of books and Mom would cozy up in bed with me and read me a bedtime story. Dad would make up his own creative and funny stories with me as the star character. Going through this list of favourites was so nostalgic and I can't wait to start reading to our little babe (happy face).

My faves have alway been The Very Hungry Caterpillar, Jelly Belly, Mud Puddle, Are You My Mother?....(I could go on forever).

What are your favourite children's books? I have to start building our library!

October 07, 2010 — Alanna Banks