summer fun in the city

Wasn't the long weekend gorgeous!? I really hope this is an indication of the kind of weather we're in for this summer. I am so looking forward to it because it's the first summer in two years that I'm a) not pregnant or b) utterly exhausted. I plan on living it to the fullest and can't wait to show L'il E just how great summer in the city can be.

I've put together a list of the top ten things I want to do with L'il E and/or The Hubs this summer so I thought I would share with y'all. Hope I can provide some hot, hot inspiration.

1. Toronto Zoo. I haven't been to the Zoo since I was about six so we took a family trek out to Scarborough on Saturday and really made a day of it. We checked out every single pavilion (including the featured White Lions), had a picnic lunch and finished the day off in the splash park all for $50.

2. Evergreen Brick Works. This is a great Saturday or Sunday morning outing complete with fresh fruit and veg shopping, beauty walks/bike rides through the ravine and yummy food to graze on. If you're with your mini mes they can play while you sip on coffee in the Chimney Court.

3. Dufferin Grove Park. Every Friday night Friends of Dufferin Grove host a Friday Night Supper between 6:00 and 7:30 p.m. There is always soup, a vegetarian or vegan entrée, a meat entrée, a side dish, a salad, and dessert (yum!). A $7 donation is suggested and the money goes towards maintaining the park. Picnics with friends in the park are equally as tasty.

4. Toronto Islands. I've lived in or near Toronto my entire life and aside from a few concerts I've spent very little time on the islands. So this summer I'm taking advantage and we're going to check out Centre Island and all it has to offer including Franklin Children's Garden, wading pool and splash pads for L'il E.

5. Sunnyside Gus Ryder Outdoor Pool. I've never been to this little gem along the Lakeshore Blvd., but I've always wanted to, so The Hubs, L'il E and I are going to jump into our suits and enjoy an afternoon public swim under the sun.

6. Camping. Every year since we got together The Hubs and I have talked about going camping/canoeing. This year we're doing it! You can rent all kinds of gear at MEC so no more excuses for not having the right stuff!

7. Radiohead at Downsview Park! June 16th. Date night is set and I hope the weather cooperates.

8. Ashbridges Bay. A stroll along the boardwalk and sand castles on the beach are an every summer must-do! In my old life you would find me here on week nights playing beach volleyball with all of the other Toronto singletons sipping on brewskies.

9. Art Gallery of Ontario. We just renewed our membership so we'll be checking out the Picasso masterpieces exhibit before it's gone (August 2012).

10. Drive-in at Polson Pier. Summer isn't complete without a double-header at the drive-in off Cherry Street. Pre-pop some popcorn and hide it under your seats. They do a full search for booze so watch out.

What are you favourite summer haunts in the city?

Happy days!