stroller haters

Now that I'm a mum I've discovered that a lot of people out there hate us stroller pushers (humph). I remember reading a Toronto Life article about how people find yuppie parents and their giant strollers annoying (whatever!), but didn't think I would ever be a recipient of the scoffs and eye rolls. If I had the balls I would bite back but I'm too nice. So here it is. I want all you stroller haters to know that we're not trying to ruin your lives we're just looking for some socialization. It's  a long day in the house with a crying baby and going to a coffee shop once a day or just taking a walk is an escape from the four walls of our homes. Here is some stroller etiquette for all you haters (follow these and it will make her day):

  1. If you see a woman visibly struggling with her stroller and the door of a store/coffee shop give the girl a hand and hold the door open.
  2. When you're walking on the sidewalk and you see a stroller pusher approaching move over just a smidge (yes I've almost been pushed onto the street).
  3. Help a mom out when she's trying to get on the streetcar with her stroller in one arm and baby in the other.

Karma people!

March 24, 2011 by Alanna Banks

tired? who me?

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Since l'il E has come along, sleep has been pretty much non-existent (yawn!). The funny thing is when I do fall into bed at night for a couple of hours it's the most comfortable bed on earth (I don't remember it ever feeling so plush and inviting). Today I spent the majority of the day in and around my bed while E slept and fed and I feel so much better. I figure I have to surrender some days and not feel guilty for resting.

If you're pregs and about to pop do the following things now (and repeat)!

  • Go to bed at 9:00 pm and sleep until 9:00 am
  • Take a 30 minute shower, shave your legs and your arm pits, exfoliate
  • Lounge in your pj's and read the newspaper on the couch in total silence
  • Watch a movie with your Hubs and eat popcorn
  • Take your time while you eat every meal and sit at the table

Enjoy your last few weeks of freedom and sweet dreams.