spring in my step

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I saw my first tulip sprouts today (Winter is officially over)! The smells (you know that Spring smell), sounds (birds chirping) and sights are an instant pick-me-up and now that I'm finally feeling almost like myself again, after l'il E's arrival via c section (ouch), I can actually get out and enjoy it. The last  five weeks have been a tough slog, but as always March is here to the rescue (smiley face).

I've always loved the month of March and this year I get to experience all of my favourite things with my l'il E. First off, March is the best because it's my birthday month (oh ya March 31!), then there is NCAA March Madness (have you filled out your bracket yet?) followed by chocolate eggs (yum!) and family gatherings and of course registration for Spring/Summer Ultimate Frisbee (oh the love I have for March!). I can only see things going up from here and can't wait until we can waste the day reading at the park and enjoying beers and BBQs in the backyard.

See you on the streets. I'm back baby!