diy chairs




So my best gal pal, RV, recently transformed a pair of old and dank dining room chairs into beauties. She's not even an expert in furniture repair or reupholstering.

A couple of weekends ago I was at her place and was totally gobsmacked by the updated seats. Naturally, it made me want to do the same. So here are some tips if you're planning on giving it a go:

  1. Buy a couple of old chairs - RV bought hers for $15 a piece.
  2. Give them a good wash and sanding - you really have to give them a smooth surface.
  3. Buy good, heavy weight fabric - don't go to Fabricland! I suggest the workroom, Designer Fabrics or macFab Fabrics.
  4. Gather your tools - staple gun, scissors, glue, foam, good quality interior paint.
  5. Check out this tutorial!

Happy updating!