feeling radiant

Exfoliating is like flossing, we all know that it is so important, but rarely do it (I'm sure there are exceptions - congrats to all you flossers). Since my skin is so sensitive I've toyed around with multiple exfoliators and had little success. Most of them irritate my skin and rather than making me look radiant they make me dry, red and flaky (sad face).

Enter Dermaglow Radiance Glycolic 10% Gentle Peel and L'Occitane Amande Pomme! These two exfoliators have made me a believer and my skin is loving them. I have fewer fine lines, smaller pores and a more even skin tone. It's like a mini facial once a week!

Get back on the flossing train people (exfoliate your skin).

October 06, 2010 — Alanna Banks