ovaltine latte (what?)

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As you know I love Ovaltine so you can imagine how happy I was when I saw Ovaltine latte on the board at Ella's Uncle on Dundas West. The Hubs and I don't often venture in that direction on the weekends for coffee but now that I'm off with L'il E I need new coffee shops and neighborhoods to go to on the weekends. If you're in the Dundas West area check out Ella's Uncle, it's understated but the coffee is deelish and they have Ovaltine lattes (yeah!).

Today I am trying to replicate it at home with our stove top espresso maker. Wish me luck!

dark horse moves west

Dark Horse Espresso Bar has opened a new location further west (684 Queen Street West to be exact).Ā  It's a welcome addition to this neck of the woods considering we were in need of a decent independant coffe shop (sorry Quaff and Niche, but your lattes just don't cut it).

I stopped in this morning to check it out and the decor is in line with their two other shops (so cozy) and the lattes are just the same (yum!). Unfortunately I didn't have any cash and their debit machine is not up and running yet, so they gave me a latte on the house. Don't you love that?! It totally made my day so thank you barrista girl.

Drop in if you're in the neighborhood!

coffee talk

Have you been? Finally Queen West West gets a coffee shop worth talking about (I don't mean to offend). I've been waiting for a coffee spot just like this one to pop up and here it is. I'm talking about the newly opened Crafted by Te Aro at 135 Ossington Ave. between Queen and Dundas. I've never been much of an I Deal Coffee fan so this new place makes me happy (smiley face).

Why do I like it? It's quiet, relaxed, clean, airy, bright, the baristas are friendly, the coffee and especially the chai lattes are fab and they offer classes on making a decent cup of Joe (I could go on). What's not to like?

One cool thing they have is this cold drip coffee maker contraption (it looks like a science experiment) that makes a strong/smooth iced coffee. It takes up to 8 hours to brew; every couple of seconds, aĀ  drop of ice water falls from the top jar, soaking through the coffee grounds and winding through a glass tube before dripping into the pot. Not exactly a daily morning ritual but worth the trek to Crafted.

Check them out on Twitter and get all their dish.

August 18, 2010 — Alanna Banks

i love a good chai latte

I'm not a coffee drinker but I do love a hot cup of tea every morning. On the weekends, I indulge in a chai latte, sometimes I make my own but honestly it's so much better from a cafe (unless my sister-in-law is in town, she's the chai tea mastah).

My favourite spots in Toronto for a tasty chai tea latte are below in order of goodness, #1 being the best:

1. The Gladstone (sometimes they have a coconut chai latte (it's amazing) but I usually just get the regular one sweetened with maple syrup)

2. Blondies (the chai lattes here are so milky and just delicious, not on the sweet side)

3. The Communal Mule (great tea selection, but disappointing chai tea lattes (they use the syrup) but in a pinch I'll still take one)

4. Tealish (great chai tea, unfortunately they don't do lattes)

5. Timothy's (if I HAVE to choose from one of the big box coffee chains Timothy's gets an A+ for their chai latte)

Now if only White Squirrel would get on the chai tea latte train then I could pick one up on Fridays on my walk to work (they do have really good lemonade and ice cream though).

June 24, 2010 — Alanna Banks