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Friday night The Hubs and I checked out Cocktail Bar on Dundas West - the former Hoof Cafe.

OMG the cocktails are good!

I could have sat there all night and tried every single one, but I'm a bit of a light weight and at $12-16 a drink, that would have made for an expensive night.

Anyway, I was in the mood for something refreshing, but with a punch so I opted for the Lady Saffron - saffron infused gin, lemon and simple syrup. The cocktail arrived in a vintage martini cocktail glass and was garnished with a singed piece of saffron, it was also perfectly chilled, just what I needed on a hot night.

The Hubs went for the classic Manhattan (their signature cocktail). I sometimes find Manhattans a bit on the strong side, but this one is perfected and goes down super easy. We were told there is also an "off-menu" Manhattan, it's one dollar more and made with an experimental oak barrel whiskey (intriguing).

We should have stuck with our originals for the second round, but I was like a kid in a candy store. I tried their version of the classic Margarita, made with jalapeno agave (spicy!) and the Hubs went for the Bronx, basically a gin martini with orange juice.

We'll be heading back for sure!

The vibe is chill, the music was classic and I felt like if I closed my eyes I could have imagined it was the 1930s. If you're looking for a first date spot or just a delicious cocktail and low-key vibe this is the ticket.

Bottoms up!

June 10, 2012 — AlannaB