Based on some feedback I received a couple of months ago I've toned down the posts about L'il E. Have you noticed?

I'm enjoying writing about other things and to be honest it's been challenging for my brain to come up with different topics. However, since E and I spend all day, every day together (we're BFFs) it's impossible not to throw a couple mummy posts in here and there.

I subscribe to this website (I'm sure you know it) called and yesterday in my inbox was the cutest article from them titled forty-two things that change when you have a baby. Some of the items made me roll my eyes, but here are the ones that really choked me up and a couple I added myself. If you're a mom I'm sure you'll agree. Tear drop.

  1. Every day is a surprise!
  2. You look at your baby in the mirror instead of yourself (BUT mummies please remember to look at yourselves, a little make-up and a brush of the hair works wonders for those tired eyes!).
  3. You discover an inner strength you never thought you had. (This one gave me goosebumps because it is so true, you might be feeling utterly exhausted but somehow you find the energy to be ON for your little munchkin).
  4. You learn that taking an uninterrupted shower is a luxury. (Do I really need to shave my legs today?).
  5. You finally find out the REAL reason you have those breasts. (You really do get to know the girls a lot better!).
  6. You realize you can love a complete stranger. (It's crazy, but the love just keeps getting stronger too!).
  7. You're never in a bad mood. (How can you be when those eyes and giggles are looking back at you?).
  8. You love your hubs in a completely new way. (Watching him be a dad is amazing).
  9. You become a crazy multi-tasker and you're always prepared.
  10. You see the world for the first time all over again.

I'd love to hear your thoughts.

September 22, 2011 — AlannaB