wrap it up

The Hubs and L'il E

If you're into babywearing you have to buy a Moby Wrap!

I was using a sling at first with L'il E but he's getting heavier and it was killing my shoulder and neck (headaches are no fun!). The Moby Wrap has been the best solution because your whole back and shoulders take the weight of your baby. I can wear L'il E for hours with total comfort and he loves being snuggled up close. There are also several ways you can wrap your babe up, based on age and stage. The wrap is a super long piece of fabric with no buckles or snaps so both the Hubs and I can wrap L'il E up without constantly adjusting and readjusting it.

Put this wrap on your baby shower gift list ($60) it's a must-have and you'll be able to get things done while your babe is fussing.

Happy babywearing!

April 14, 2011 — Alanna Banks