my algae beauty secret


I'm totally loving this new skincare line from Seanol Canada. They hooked me up with some product last week and my pores are tight and my skin is glowing!

Apparently the special ingredient is Ecklonia Cava, a sea polyphenol (what?) extracted from brown algae that grows exclusively off the coast of Korea's Jeju Island. At first I thought ew gross, but then I learned that it's 100 per cent all natural, non-toxic, free of parabens and a potent antioxidant that drastically improves skin elasticity, blood circulation and moisture retention (sold!).

For a week I've been cleansing every evening and morning with the Deep Clean Cava foaming cleanser and moisturizing with the Petipore Cava moisturizer. At first I wasn't that blown away with the product, but after a few applications my pores started to tighten up (and trust me I need that). The cleanser really foams up so you don't need a lot and the moisturizer glides on smoothly with no greasy residue. I tend to have really dry skin and I was worried this was going to dry me out, but the moisture retention really does hold true.

I think I just found my new skincare regime. Give it a go!

The products are only available for purchase online right now and the prices are totally reasonable.




June 05, 2012 — AlannaB