I recently read a post on fat mum slim that I thought was inspiring. I often read blogs and get the impression that the women/men behind them are perfect. They all do so many things, post several times a day and offer such great advice that I'm often left wondering how they do it all. So just in case any of you readers think I'm living a perfect life here's proof I don't.

  1. I never make our bed (I don't even make it when people come over).
  2. I'm addicted to chips and eat them every day.
  3. I never clean the lint trap in our dryer and it drives the Hubs crazy.
  4. I leave the hair that falls out when I wash my hair on the shower wall.
  5. I often pretend I'm listening, when I'm not.
  6. I can be stubborn and impossible to persuade.
  7. I  like red wine way too much.
  8. I own and wear too much grey clothing.
  9. I leave water glasses all over the house.
  10. I don't put my clothes away and sometimes I just throw them in the laundry so I don't have to fold them.

So there. What are your imperfections?










March 18, 2012 — AlannaB


Debbie Ringler

Debbie Ringler said:

You are a wonderful Daughter, Mother, Wife and Friend. Who could ask for more?


Jennifer said:

My dirty clothes end up in a pile beside my bed until my toddler trips over it and I feel badly OR when I need my fav pants etc will I pick up after myself. I make 1 whole wheat blueberry eggo everyday during the week for breakfast and apparently my husband says I NEVER put the knife away that I use to put peanut butter on it. I wear too much brown. Guilty guilt guilty! and I don’t even have time to blog I just read other peoples :)

Jennifer M

Jennifer M said:

Great post!! I too, am guilty of #’s 1, 7, and 10!

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