Now that I'm heading back to work things around our house are going to change a little. Especially on the domestic front. This has been stressing me out the most because I like to make sure we're all eating healthy homemade meals. We have a slow-cooker, but I'm not sure I can stomach shloppy stews every night. So when Knot PR asked if I was interested in chatting with Writer, Fitness and Nutrition Coach Darren Stehle I was like hell yeah I am! This was a sign - thank you.

My chat with Darren was awesome and he gave me tons of advice from drinking enough water, to working out, to meal planning tips but for this post I'm going to stick with the meal planning tips. They're brilliant! His secret? Precooking meals on the weekend for the week ahead. Why didn't I think of that?

Here are a few of his reccos:

1. Prepare the night before. Make your lunch for the next day and get all the breakfast stuff (bowls, spoons, juice glasses) out on the counter before bed.

2. Bulk grocery shop on the weekends. This way you have everything you need for snacks, lunches, and dinners throughout the week. You just might have to nip out at some point for fresh produce.

3. Pre-cook meat on the weekend. Grill a bunch of chicken breasts and throw them in the freezer so they're available for stir-frys, salads, and sandwiches during the week. Make a big batch of chilli or beef stew. 'Nuff said!

There you have it. Check out Darren's website or go see him at the Adelaide Club for some personal training. He's full of great ideas.





Jennifer said:

I went nuts combing through this site on the weekend. Enjoy!

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