hands off

Want to know what really irks me? Complete strangers touching my baby!

This morning I was at the post office and a woman with smoke breath, a loud voice and gnarly teeth started freaking out about how cute L'il E was. Then she started patting him on the head and rubbing his cheeks. I was politely smiling and inching away, but what I really wanted to say was get your mitts off my kid lady. This isn't the first time this happened nor will it be the last, but to all you people out there please just look and don't touch.

Thank you!

December 06, 2011 by AlannaB
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Shannon said:

Well said Alanna! Did you want to continue next week with a follow up commentary on the number of people out there who do the same thing with pregnant bellies…! I don’t reach out and rub your midriff. Why do you have your mitts on my bloated, stretching, growing belly? key word here is… MY. It didn’t actually bother me so much with the belly as there’s not much harm done but it did constantly amaze me. But with our kids and babies…? sheesh!

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