Now that L'il E is full of beans I covet his two naps a day. Sometimes they may only last 40 minutes, but that gives me time to cruise around online, shower, leaf through a magazine, work on my crafts or draft a blog post. I think back to my pre-child days and wonder what I did with all that free time.

Here is a list of my favourite sites I check into when L'il E checks out:

Kjerstislykke (no idea what language this blog is, but I love everything they post - the pics are amazing)

Lisa Grue/Underwerket (I would love to have this woman's life - she is an illustrator and super crafty, she also has a super cute son named Mika)

Lost at E Minor (when I'm having a mom jeans moment I check this site out and instantly feel cooler)

Pickles (lot's of wicked knitting projects) (one of the best baby sites out there - totally real and actually full of useful advice and information)

Healthy Happy Life (I'm not vegan but this site is brimming with delicious healthy recipes that also happen to be vegan)

Sew, Mama, Sew! (if you're into sewing like me, you'll waste a lot of time on this site full of awesome tutorials and cool ideas)

Oh, Fransson! (more wicked sewing projects - mostly quilting ideas, but really cool quilts)

The Kit (where yours truly blogs about all things health and wellness)

Where online do you like to loiter?


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