For the last two months I've been living in a fantasy land. The Hubs was off work and looking for a new job, we went away on vacation and the weather was ah-mazing. Our days were filled with pure fun, but it was a little unrealistic right?! Now that The Hubs is back at work and our dream life is over (sad face) it's left me feeling frozen. Despite having a house to clean, groceries to do, sewing projects to work on, a garden to weed and mummies to hang with I don't feel like doing any of it! So, as I lazily sit here on my couch with L'il E amusing me I thought I would do some work on my blog.

While I was on my digital sabbatical I did some reflecting on fridaysoff and all of the categories I cover (there are quite a few!) and it got me thinking if I should just focus on one particular topic or continue what I'm doing. So I want to hear from you - my loverly readers - what brings you back to fridaysoff every day? Is it the recipes that I share? My rants about L'il E and life as a mum? Stuff I love in Toronto? Seeing my knitting and sewing projects and tutorials? Or maybe there is a category that I'm missing completely? Please fill me in. You can either leave a comment here or email me at alannabanks at gmail.

Your feedback will really help me out and it will provide content to make fridaysoff a better blog for you to read!






August 04, 2011 — AlannaB



Jenn said:

I love it all- you know that! Keep it up. And being a fellow new mum- your blog speaks to my mommy-ness and my need for something adult. Great work Alanna!


Jess said:

Love it all! Don’t stop and be sure to add more topics when the mood strikes. I don’t sew but have tons of respect for your beautiful creations – I love to buy them! Your food and drink recipes are super tasty – you’re the granola MASTER! I’m also a big fan of product and vacation tips. Keep’em coming. Oh, there is one more thing you could start working on… a national campaign to get everyone FRIDAYSOFF!


anon said:

Please no more mommy posts. I loved this blog prior to your child’s arrival and now I rarely visit – in fact, you went away for a full two months and I didn’t even notice. (And that ranting post about strollers? Worst).
You claimed you weren’t going to become a mommy blog, but that is exactly what you have.

Alanna Banks

Alanna Banks said:

Thanks for your honest feedback Anon. This is what I’m looking for. BTW I was only gone for two weeks ;)

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