Wednesday night I went to the launch party for Molson Canadian Sublime 67. I enjoyed a few cold ones and a delicious three course dinner all courtesy of Molson (thank you!).

They passed out cards with calorie counters and I was shocked to learn how many calories are in our fave summer bevvies. If you want your bod to be bikini ready you might want to cut down on the following:

Smirnoff Ice - 250 calories/per bottle

Vodka Cranberry - 214 calories/ 7 oz. glass

Gin & Tonic (my fave) - 180 calories/ 7 oz. glass

Mojito - 169 calories/ 6 oz. glass

Caesar - 157 calories / 5.5 oz. glass

May I suggest a Molson Sublime 67?

June 03, 2011 — Alanna Banks

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