I think I've discovered my newest obsession - QUILTING! Now don't roll your eyes and lump me in the old maid category, quilting is cool (ha!) and if you use contemporary fabrics you can really create some real beauts.

Last night I started my first quilting class at the workroom and I LOVED it. It's an introduction to quilting so we're making a nine-patch quilt and it should be complete in three sessions. The photo above is my assortment of fabrics that I'll be using. I wanted to use fun colours so L'il E and I can roll around on it at the park this summer.

Stay tuned for the finished product and check out the other classes offered at the workroom. They're all really great!



Stella said:

How do I know which of your fabrics are good for quilting are they 100% cotton I loved some of your solids but wasn’t sure I could use them for quilts. Could you please email me back,to let me know what fabrics are good for quilting


Stella Liddycoat


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Alanna Banks

Alanna Banks said:

Thanks! I’ll post a pic of my finished product.

Crafts and Quilting

Crafts and Quilting said:

Great post thanks for sharing. You have a great layout here. Quilting is something I really enjoy doing. It passes the time and is very relaxing.

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