So after I had L'il E I had some major postnatal sweating (totally normal) and to fight it I started using Secret Clinical Strength deodorant. Now, 3 months later I think it has clogged my pores or something because I have this constant deodorant/stench even after the shower (the stuff is waterproof!). Totally grossed out I took to the internet to find out if there was a natural way I could combat this odor.

Baking soda!

I've discussed the benefits of baking soda as a weekly facial exfoliater, but who knew it works on your pits too (smiley face). All you do is dip a cotton ball into a dish of baking soda and pat it on your armpits after the shower, just like you're powdering your face. It totally works! No more smell! I also learned that if you want to make it an antiperspirant you add cornstarch.

Happy sweating!

April 27, 2011 — Alanna Banks

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