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the condos are coming...

As you know the Hubs, L'il E and I live in Queen West in Toronto and over the last five years it has exploded (it's become a desirable place to live). It's exciting to see the busy sidewalks on sunny Saturdays and new restaurants, coffee shops and stores open up, but when developers start crashing in on our party, that's when I get my back up.

When they broke ground for the new condos at the foot of Northcote Ave my heart broke a little, but now that they're almost complete I'm not as upset (they're sorta fitting in). Just last week however, we received a letter about a new 86 unit high rise condo planned for development on Gladstone (kitty corner to the Chopper). Not into it! For an eloquent reason why we should stop this development check out

So why am I bringing this up? BECAUSE 1) we don't need/want this 86 unit high rise in our neighbourhood and 2) I want you to sign this petition to help us STOP the development.

Can you do that for me please? Thanks!

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Jackie said:

Geez!! They can totally wreck a neighbourhood with such high sky scrapers. The don’t fit in! They’re looking to build two huge ones down the street from us in the Avenue Road-St. Clair Ave west area. Nightmare. I feel your pain.

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