first blog-iversary

Today is officially fridaysoff's first anniversary (I know...can you believe?!). A year ago today I typed my first post and had no idea if I would ever type another (204 posts later). I've been having so much fun sharing my thoughts this past year and I am so happy that you guys and gals continue to tune in. Keep reading and commenting (I love reading the comments) and I will keep it coming!

I promise fridaysoff won't become a mommy blog this year, but I assure you there will be posts about my mummy adventures with L'il E peppered amongst my crafty projects, recipes and product reviews etc.

So let's raise a glass! Cheers xo

April 04, 2011 by Alanna Banks
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Jackie said:

Congratulations! It IS a big deal to turn one in the blog-osphere! Many don’t survive. So glad you made it, and I can’t wait to follow along in during your second year.

Danielle Restivo

Danielle Restivo said:

Happy Anniversary fridaysoff! We love you. :)

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