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Since l'il E has come along, sleep has been pretty much non-existent (yawn!). The funny thing is when I do fall into bed at night for a couple of hours it's the most comfortable bed on earth (I don't remember it ever feeling so plush and inviting). Today I spent the majority of the day in and around my bed while E slept and fed and I feel so much better. I figure I have to surrender some days and not feel guilty for resting.

If you're pregs and about to pop do the following things now (and repeat)!

  • Go to bed at 9:00 pm and sleep until 9:00 am
  • Take a 30 minute shower, shave your legs and your arm pits, exfoliate
  • Lounge in your pj's and read the newspaper on the couch in total silence
  • Watch a movie with your Hubs and eat popcorn
  • Take your time while you eat every meal and sit at the table

Enjoy your last few weeks of freedom and sweet dreams.




I should be sleeping | UrbanMoms

I should be sleeping | UrbanMoms said:

[…] few weeks after having L’il E I wrote this post. I was feeling guilty for taking time out, resting and enjoying my new little babe. Minutes later a […]

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