I can be a huge worrier and I did my share of it while I was preggers. If you're pregnant and a worrier (like me!) here a list of things you can stop worrying about. I did them all and gave birth to a perfectly healthy 8 lb baby boy with all of his parts etc.

1. Caffeine - if you love your daily cup of joe don't deprive yourself, (withdrawal headaches are no fun!) have one cup a day and your little babe will be fine. I drank a cup of tea every morning and sometimes had a chai latte from Starbucks in the afternoon.

2. Tylenol - TAKE IT! Don't suffer with a headache for days, you're better off nipping it right away with two regular strength Tylenol. I was so nervous about taking Tylenol that I would go days with excruciating headaches (bad idea!). I finally caved and started taking Tylenol when I felt a headache coming on, so you can too. Even one extra strength is fine.

3. Alcohol - Nine months is a long time to go sans alcohol, especially if you're like me and really love drinking. Throughout my pregnancy I had the occasional (once a week) small glass of red wine or the Hubs and I would share a beer. I don't recommend hard alcohol but honestly one tiny drink a week with food is totally okay. Think about our parents and our grandparents they all tossed the drinks back and smoked while they were pregnant; yes they're slightly smaller than us, but they turned out ok.

4. Excersing - This one I didn't really worry about, but I think some people do. In the first 12 weeks you'll likely be so tired and nauseous that working out won't even be a thought, but once that second trimester goodness comes around get off your ass and get moving. I walked to and from work (30 mins each way) every day until I gave birth to l'il E and I did prenatal yoga twice a week (I even did it on the day I gave birth). As a result I didn't gain excess weight throughout my pregnancy and my recovery from my c section has been speedier because I was so strong going into labour. So keep fit while you're pregnant and don't let the laziness settle, the longer you wait to get moving the harder it will be.

So those are my two cents. Take it or leave it, but I hope it was helpful.

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