Today is my last day at work before I take off on maternity leave for a whole year (that sounds like a really long time!). I've been looking forward to this day for nine months but now I'm not so sure. I'm leaving the security of this life that I've had for the past six years and jumping into a new life that I know nothing about (poopy diapers, crying babies, responsibilities, I could go on....). I have all the confidence that I will slide right in to mommy-hood but while I'm in limbo I'm really going to miss:

  • My daily walk to and from work (snow, rain, shine I was walking - FU TTC)
  • The office gossip and dramas ( I think this is one thing I'll miss the most)
  • Overhearing funny conversations (open concept offices are great for that!)
  • Brainstorms (if there was a brainstorm for an event idea, campaign etc. I was in on it, whether I had time or not)
  • New lingo (the under 25s have to keep me posted on the latest slang)
  • 3 pm coffee runs
  • The satisfaction of TGIF

I am now embarking on a whole new job, where I'm the boss! Yeah! I hope our baby is not one of those difficult colleagues :)




February 03, 2011 — Alanna Banks



Jackie said:

Congratulations on your impending motherhood! While I didn’t leave office life for a baby, I can still relate to leaving behind all the things you mentioned. I won’t lie to you – it’s tough being at home when everyone (or most people) you know are still slaving away in back at the office – but you will get used to your “new” surroundings. It just takes a little time. And you have the added bonus of a little sprog to keep you company as you start this new chapter. Enjoy!

Vodka Blog

Vodka Blog said:

Everyday will be your TGIF! I don’t feel sorry for you ONE BIT. Mad jealous up in hurr.
You are going to have the best time ever. Poop on your cheek, 2 hours sleep and screaming child it will still be better than trudging to work haha

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