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wow we really are canadian

Some of you may have heard that the Toronto area is expecting a severe winter storm (OMG brace yourself). It's been so hyped by the media you'd think the end of the world was coming, not just 20-30 cm of snow (I think we can handle it).   The fact that this storm is consuming the media drives me crazy, there are so many more important things that could be filling the headlines. We live in Canada and it IS February so isn't a snow storm inevitable?

Anyway, just in case you have to head out on the roads The Canadian Automobile Association is telling people to be prepared with the following:

  • A fully charged cellphone.
  • Winter survival kit.
  • Extra clothing, blankets.
  • Non-perishable food.
  • Candle, in case they become stranded.
Enjoy your snow day.
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annie said:

cool blog Alanna! I hope we’re closed tomorrow, heehee

Vodka Blog

Vodka Blog said:

Totally! And Queensland is in some serious danger and our ‘maybe storm’ makes bigger news? 30 cm. EYE ROLL.


Jackie said:

This afternoon the storm has been more forceful – at least where I am. It’s pretty to watch from the cozy environs of inside. Just wish my dog wouldn’t eat so much snow – we’re out all the time because of it.

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