Dark Horse Espresso Bar has opened a new location further west (684 Queen Street West to be exact).  It's a welcome addition to this neck of the woods considering we were in need of a decent independant coffe shop (sorry Quaff and Niche, but your lattes just don't cut it).

I stopped in this morning to check it out and the decor is in line with their two other shops (so cozy) and the lattes are just the same (yum!). Unfortunately I didn't have any cash and their debit machine is not up and running yet, so they gave me a latte on the house. Don't you love that?! It totally made my day so thank you barrista girl.

Drop in if you're in the neighborhood!


Alanna Banks

Alanna Banks said:

Oooh I love the controversy! Agreed, Queen is overrun with coffee shops, but Loblaws is going in at Queen and Portland so that would have taken their business away anyway. I’m all for independent spots but I heard they shut their doors because the rent on that strip is skyrocketing.


Stokes said:

OK I feel sooo differently about this. The little fruit grocer that used to be there was so awesome and now the hood is left without a decent place to buy veggies and Portuguese bread and instead we have ANOTHER coffee shop. In that immediate area there is also the independent White Squirrel and just a block up on Dundas is Ezra’s and Ella’s…sorry I am just so rotted that Dark Horse moved in. PLUS their cup sleeves are branded by Bell (hipsters love Bell).
That is my rant. Glad you got a free latte though ;)

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